Our Recovery from Cerebral Palsy
June 28, 2016

OUR TESTIMONY OF HEALING: Today we celebrate LIFE and so grateful to have him with us! Happy Birthday little Isaac! Its been a difficult year of searching for help, hope, and healing. We may not be there quite yet but we perceive the restoration has been done and we are making progress with leaps and bounds.

A year ago today you came into this world through a long, difficult labor with some “minor” (as we thought then) complications.  It was within the first few days we knew something was wrong. We had difficulties feeding, sucking, reflux, gas, inconsolable crying, falling asleep only in upright position, back arching etc…. It was all too early to tell what was going on and conventional medicine labels many of these types of baby symptoms as “colic” or “acid reflux”. We tried every colic remedy known to man; and I believe reflux has a root cause to its symptoms.  Mommy went on “FOOD FREE DIETS” ….gluten, diary, chocolate, coffee elimination diets to wait out this colic period of 3-6 months that “babies typically outgrow”….

But he didn’t outgrow it and by now his developmental milestones were at steak. As a conventionally trained Nurse Practitioner with passion and knowledge of allopathic medicine; I searched for answers. Isaac was attached to mommy’s hip 24/7. My amazing husband Dennis was my rock, support and love without whom I wouldn’t have made it.  Nanny was a God sent – an extra helping hand, or when I needed to get out and work just to get a breathier she was truly amazing with help and compassion and willing spirit.

It was the feeding problems that sent us down the road of evaluations and work-ups. We’ve been seeing pediatricians, neurologist, craniosacral specialist, osteopathic doctors, neurosomatic specialist, chiropractors, speech therapist, physical therapies, massage therapist, social workers, developmental delay specialist and most recently our favorite swimming instructor specialist. We’ve been using a medical device at home to help with increasing circulation. (More to come on all these therapies).

I spent countless hours in research and discovered Dr Frymann’s work and osteopathic diagnosis of cranial trauma (called cranial somatic dysfunction). Although the neurologist gave us a label of cerebral palsy; I chose for the latter diagnosis; and we’re on a mission to prove conventional medicine wrong.  My pregnancy was normal, baby was developing well and there was only the complications of birth to say where and when the brain trauma possibly occurred (???)  know our God is a God of healing, and He can do abundantly above all we ask or think.

Isaac is still not crawling or sitting, not able to hold bottle and feed himself but he is one intelligently smart child and we are in this fight together.  In the past few weeks we’re finally starting to tolerate tummy time and shifting extremities in attempts to work on crawling. He has low and high muscle tone and undeveloped motor coordination due to possibly the trauma to the cerebellum area (Its function is to coordinate and regulate muscular activity).

I would like to invite you to follow me on a journey. This past year the challenges that we overcome challenged me even more to think outside the box. To search for healing, find the root cause, address it, overcome it, stand in faith, believe it and SEE it!

Join me!

Elena Izoita ARNP, CGP

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